A New Start


So that’s what you get when you let your characters do the introduction – they immediately declare you for silly. …then again, maybe he’s right. (・・。)ゞ

Anyway! Welcome to Prismanga’s new homepage! Except that it isn’t really new, it’s just my fourth (?) attempt at successfully making this work. (As in “I talk every few months about how I want a homepage, and then never get around to actually tend to it”. Sigh.) I’ll keep trying, though! I may be easily distractible but I’m also pretty stubborn!

Like you were told in the second panel, this isn’t a regular webcomic, it’s rather something I do for fun and a little bonus insight into my world and my character’s roles. Because my main objective is game development – everything from coding to writing and drawing. Sometimes there’s also other stuff, as you will soon learn. Did I mention I’m easily distractible? It’s the main reason why I never get much done. ( ゚д゚)

I’ll talk in the next posting in greater detail about my current projects.
Thank you for reading and have a nice day! <3