Tenkei Tales Update #1


Hi, everyone! Happy Thanksgiving!! o(≧∇≦o) Time flew by quickly since the last update and now it’s almost christmas time… that was fast! Before we get to Tenkei Tales I, let me tell you about an awesome thing that happened today: SHINRAI got greenlit! ∑(゚ロ゚〃)
That’s a really big step forward and we’re pretty excited right now! (Plus, it’s the reason this posting might be a bit late, since I’ve drawn a little Runa to celebrate.)

So what else happened since last week? Aside from a new menu for TTI up there, which is still under construction and will be filled with content slowly, there was some change among the progress bars too:


That’s right, the “Sprites” bar grew enormously and will be filled within the next few days! It might not be the most important step to some people, since it’s an RPG Maker game and not a Visual Novel, but I love big sprites and am really happy to have made so much progress on them. (⌒▽⌒)☆ The preview image shows part of Kanami’s sprite, something like a “Before-After” thing, to show you a comparison between the plain lineart and the finished sprite. Speaking of lineart, those thick lines won’t stay – I just needed to make them less blurry and frayed for the preview image. (・・。)ゞ

The first charset is coming along nicely too. The charsets will be the next big thing to tackle after the sprites are done! (ง •̀_•́)ง And why, you might ask, has the “Extra” bar grown a little too? …well, I’m weak and couldn’t resist sketching the first CG. “orz
I’ve decided to include them no matter what, because I think they’d improve the whole game quite a bit. Some things are better conveyed through an appropriately big artwork, instead of solely relying on tiny charsets. Or maybe that’s just a profound sounding excuse because I really wanna draw them. Σ( ̄□ ̄;) The game will be released as planned, though. If I’m not able to finish on time, I’ll release an updated version as soon as the CGs are done!

So that was today’s update! The next one should come a bit sooner and I’ll take that opportunity to tell you more about Kanami and her home! (*´・v・)
Thanks for reading and take care, everyone!!