Tenkei Tales Update #3


Hi, everyone! ( ゚▽゚)/ I didn’t really plan on updating today, but I kinda felt like it and thought “Why not?”, so… here we are. Not much time has passed since the last update, but let’s check the progress bars anyway!


Two progress bars have reached 100% now: “Planning” is complete, which means that absolutely every detail is in place and only needs to be implemented properly. It’s certainly not the same as “Story” and includes stuff like “How do the scenes play out and what hints need to be dropped”, “When exactly do I want certain CGs to show up” or “Which story events need to occur at what point in time”. (;゜○゜) It might be a small game, but there is at least a tiny bit of mystery involved (there’s a missing item after all), so you need to be able to find that thing without having to search randomly. If you’re like me and want to examine absolutely everything anyway, that’s great! (・∀・) But I know there are people out there who don’t have time, patience or interest in things like that, and want to focus on the task at hand. Thus, I think it’s important to point them in the right direction.

Another thing that got finished are the charsets, all five of them! (*≧∀≦*) I might need a bit more variation, especially a “sitting down” pose for three of the characters, but that’s more of a cosmetic detail and belongs to the “Extra” bar. Speaking of which: I sketched a CG yesterday and it turned out quite nice! o(〃^▽^〃)o There are at least 8 scenes I’d like to draw a CG for (yep, that number increased a bit), but right now my main focus is on the maps. If you take a look at the preview image, you’ll see Kanami in what’s going to be her room. It’s pretty pink right now, but most of her furniture will be white. So let me live up to my promise from two weeks ago and tell you more about this little lady! <3

Minagawa Kanami (源河 佳波) is 10 years old and lives together with her big brother and their attendants next to a lighthouse on the cliffs eastern of Port Astraea. She’s a friendly and polite young girl, although quite naive and a bit gullible. Kanami loves fluffy things and fairytales, and would like to spend more time with her always busy family. (^・ω・^ ) While getting to school is always a bit tedious, due to the building being rather far from the next city, she’s very fond of the house she grew up in and wouldn’t want to leave it behind. The first kanji in Kanami’s name (佳) means “beautiful”, “good” or “skilled”, while the second kanji (波) is one of the several ways to write “wave”. ヽ(〃・ω・)ノ Another thing worth mentioning is the fact that Kanami won’t be playable. She was the first to get introduced because she is very important in her own way and Tenkei Tales I wouldn’t have much of a story without her.

Aaaaand I think that’s all for today. I hope you’ll like Kanami! <3 In the next update, I’ll introduce you to the two playable characters~!
Thanks for reading, everyone! Have a great day! ヾ(。・ω・。)