Feb 15

Valentine’s Special!


Time flies… way too fast… °O°;

Hiiii, everyone! Happy Valentine’s Day!! (´∀`)♡
As I announced in the last update, I took a break from Tenkei Tales I in order to draw a little manga/comic thingie for Valentine’s! It was a bit chaotic again, since I decided to color it last minute, which took me… four hours? I know there are almost no shadows or light effects, but I’m happier now that it’s colorful! So yeah, please enjoy, even if it isn’t particularly romantic… or… at all. °__°;





Aaaaaand that’s it! In case you’re wondering about the “getting her something in return” thing: A month after Valentine’s, people in Japan and other countries celebrate White Day, where guys who got something for Valentine’s Day return the favor. This might be Iridos (to be exact, this scene plays out in Port Astraea, on the roof of the biggest public school in the city), but I like Valentine’s and White Day, so I decided to include something similar. (。 >艸<) To be honest, I don’t know what those holidays will be called, and they don’t have a date yet (since there’s no such thing as February in Iridos), but I still wanted to draw this little story! <3

Oh, right – some of you might not be familiar with those characters, so let me explain! This unfortunate girl is Shiori and if you’ve been following my private twitter account for some time, you will have seen her on my christmas profile pic. (。・ω・。) She’s quite the Tsundere and has a super short fuse, especially if she’s getting teased by someone. Shiori is constantly and unsuccessfully in search of love, hence the comment about how she keeps falling for the worst guys. Either they’re already in a relationship, not interested, gay or – like in this case – don’t like her… she just never has any luck. (But maybe someday she will, right? °O°)

Speaking of “this case”, that’s Shiori’s senpai and current crush Minato. He’s normally neither that rude nor that blunt, but he really doesn’t like girls who act dishonest and, well… tsundere-ish. Sadly, Shiori didn’t know about that, so she couldn’t help herself and acted exactly like that, since she has a pretty hard time being honest about her feelings. (・・。)ゞ

Lastly, the boy with the orange hair is Takumi/Taku. I keep mentioning him from time to time, since he’s a character that has been with me for very long! (⌒▽⌒)☆ He just wanted to spend his lunch break peacefully up there on the roof, but then Shiori came along. Those two have a bit of history together outside of school – I guess they’re something like friends, even if they probably wouldn’t admit that. Taku loves teasing her and thinks she’s kind of an airhead, while she’s constantly annoyed by his snide remarks and her inability to get back at him. ∑(;°Д°) Funnily, they still don’t like it when the other one is down or in trouble, or gets insulted by anyone but them. (Know that Vitriolic Best Buds Trope? I didn’t even plan on it, but their “friendship” kinda turned out that way somehow. :’D)

I hope you had fun with this little comic! I’m back to working on TTI now, since I reeeeaaally want to get it finished this week!
Thanks for reading and have a lovely day!! <3

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