Mar 05

Tenkei Tales Update #8

Preview0013Hiiiii, everyone!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

It’s been a while since the Valentine’s Special and you might wonder by now: “What the heck happened?” Well, uh. Nothing much, which is exactly the problem. O__O After feeling pretty unwell for a week, I got really sick and was out of commission for another week. Not the best condition to focus on getting a project released and it’s thrown me off schedule once again. “orz

So what’s happening now? After completing the last examination texts somewhere in between drawing the Special and getting sick, I finished the last tiny items, as you can see in above’s close-up of the kitchen. Implementing that stuff took me an hour at most, so it was no big deal. And now, well… beta-testing until I’m satisfied. I still won’t settle on a release date, though, because I should be careful with what I say – my computer might listen and decide to explode five minutes before release. xD

Plus, I’ve made a little plan for NaNoReNo! That’s right, despite my habit to horribly miscalculate and keep everyone waiting forever and having lots of other stuff to do, I’d love to participate as well. I made some rules for myself, though:

– “Don’t neglect the other projects!”
Which means that NaNo will be done on the side for a change of pace, because I still want to get TTI out ASAP, draw the White Day’s Special and code SHINRAI’s fourth chapter. Doesn’t sound like a good idea to enter NaNo at all, then? That may be true, but I’ve come to the realization that this “focus on one project at a time” approach doesn’t make happy. (;´Д`) I really tried with TTI, but I had much more fun when I was switching freely between the stuff I want to make. (But that’s not TTI’s fault at all! I just love my multitasking way too much, no matter how many people advise to stay focused on a single project. :’D In order to get something done, I’ll focus on two (own) games at a time, though – nothing more.)

– “Code the feature that you’ll need BEFOREHAND!”
This is already done! There was a little something I needed to get to work for my MC’s special abilty, so I tinkered around with Ren’Py until I got it right! o(*>ω<*)o Usually, I think about the coding later, but since that’s another thing I wanted (and needed) to change, I went right ahead and started by figuring this feature out. That’s one of the things TTI taught me: It’s REALLY important not to wait with coding too long!

– “Don’t put the writing off forever!”
I have the stupid habit to start with the graphical assets and neglect the writing until it’s way too late. (・・。)ゞ Because I tend to plan everything out in my head meticulously and keep thinking that it can’t be THAT hard to write it down in a timely manner… but it IS. It’s what happened to last year’s NaNo project – I spent a lot of time musing about everything, designing the characters and making a ton of graphics, but I never got around to write a single sentence. And when I finally noticed how much time already had passed, I knew that I wouldn’t make it anymore. >__> (I didn’t announce anything beforehand and I can still use the assets of course, so it wasn’t that bad… but I still want to do it better this year.) So yeah: I already started on the script! Yay!

Those are my rules for this NaNo. Oh right, just one thing for the people who know about my NaNo story: I’ve deviated a little from my original idea, because it might’ve gotten too big to be realistically possible for one person alone. So it’s only about two characters in a single (architecturally complicated but hopefully easy enough to draw) setting now. I try to keep it manageable… I really do. Even if I’m bad at it. X__X In case you’re wondering why I don’t seek help: I’m not THAT shy… or unable to cooperate… I just like working on my own stuff alone. It’s always been that way. °^° The one thing I’d love to outsource is sound design, but I’m way too broke to afford a composer and I wouldn’t want anyone to put up with my lone-wolf-creator-attitude for free. So unless someone’s fine to get paid with art (since that’s the only thing I could realistically offer), I’ll resort to royalty-free music again. :’D

Anyway, thanks for reading, everyone!! I’ll tell you more about my NaNo project on tuesday! (/^▽^)/
Until then, byebye! <3

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