Mar 31

Happy (Late) Easter!


Hiiiii, everyone!! ( ̄▽ ̄)ノ

I wanted to drop in and inform you that I’m still alive – just managed to get sick again for quite some time. (I tend to vanish for a few days if it gets too bad, because I’m terribly whiny and grumpy when sick and I don’t want to annoy anyone. :’D) So after successfully “missing” Easter, I thought I wouldn’t do anything noteworthy for the occasion. But then I felt like drawing something cute and colorful (and it’s not like I’ve been punctual with most other things thus far), so I thought “might as well do it anyway.” Here’s a slightly bigger version that’s not obscured by text:


Just… don’t ask about the motive. (・・。)ゞ I’m not even sure why I drew those two together, I just felt like it. If you’ve been following Prismanga for a little while, you probably know about Tsuikai Echo, the project which Fion, the boy on the right, belongs to! When not trapped in some scary ruins, he’s generally a pretty carefree and fun-loving person who doesn’t get embarrassed easily, so I don’t think he’d have any problem with wearing cute bunny ears. :’D Hiro, the boy on the left side, is from SHINRAI, and… uh… I actually don’t know how he’d react to accessories like these, since he’s not one of my own characters. (I have two theories, though! I think he’d either absolutely refuse to wear anything “uncool” like that, OR he’d be disturbed at first and then go “Whatever, I’ll look better with them than the girls”, because he’s got a really big ego…)

But I felt like drawing fluffy bunnys too, so I made both of them hold their “special someone” in the shape of a little bunny. o(≧∇≦o) Hiro’s bunny represents his girlfriend Momoko, with extra-fluffy ears because of her twintails and happily humming a song because she loves music. Fion’s bunny represents a person you don’t know yet. It comes across as really tough and intimidating, but it gets surprisingly flustered and panicky when Fion is close. The poor thing is probably ready to pass out by now. O__O;

Anyway, I guess I’m back now… if I don’t get super-sick again in the next few days. Oh yeah, the White Day Special has been ready too for a little while, but I’ll make an extra posting for that tomorrow! (๑و•̀ω•́)و (Yes, I’m still allowed to say this, because it isn’t April Fools’ Day yet while I’m typing this posting!)

Well then, see you tomorrow! Have a nice day, everyone!! <3

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