Apr 02

White Day Special


Hiiii, everyone!! °O°

I got really badly sidetracked by Miitomo and all kinds of other stuff today, so I might be a little bit late… (Note from Future Natsu: Which means that I’ve started writing this posting eight hours ago and kinda stopped halfway. Oops.) Anyway, I’m almost three weeks overdue with this, but here’s the White Day Special! It would probably be a good idea to read the Valentine’s Special before reading this one, so please do that if you haven’t already! Oh, and there won’t be an April Fools’ Special, because that would be due today. (Wait, according to what I said yesterday, you can’t really trust this claim because it’s still Apri Fools’ Day while I’m writing this…)






Yay, a happier conclusion than last time! (/^▽^)/ Even if there was some trouble along the way, as always. Shiori’s life would be so much easier if she’d just manage not to constantly lose her temper because of every little comment. If you want to know a bit more about her and Taku, you may want to take a look at the stuff I wrote underneath the Valentine’s Special. I totally tried to avoid mentioning Valentine’s or White Day too, because I still need to find appropriate names and origin stories for their respective holidays on Iridos. Thus, the wording might seem a bit strange at times. ^^;

Oh yeah, if it seems like Shiori has a little fixation on getting chocolate for the occasion, there’s a reason for that – but I didn’t have the time to produce a dozen flashback pages, so I’ll save that tale for another day. (・・。)ゞ It’s just reeeaaally important to her, so Taku made her unknowingly very happy, even if only because he didn’t want to owe her anything! (Well, looking at his note, that’s probably not the only reason. But his way of showing that he cares for someone is pretty… roundabout and unobvious. ( ꒪Д꒪))

And who are the other two? The nosy young lady with the brown twintails is Noreen, or Reena for short. She’s one of Shiori’s classmates and a very energetic girl who loves rumors and is constantly curious about her friends’ relationships. Reena is actually a pretty old character of mine and usually seen with her best friend Ríona, who’s a bit more serious and down-to-earth. Both are exchange students and live only temporarily in Port Astraea. ^__^

And then there’s Yuma, the green-haired boy whose job in this Special is, well… to keep Reena in check. She would’ve totally ran after Shiori and Taku otherwise to ask more questions and annoy them further. He is another one of Shiori’s classmates and actually the shortest person in the class, even shorter than the girls. (And he’s supposed to have darker hair, but that didn’t quite work out with all those pastell-ish colors, so I brightened it up a bit.)

Alright, I think that’s all. I kinda like doing these Specials and actually had an idea for another one already, but I need to work on my game projects too, so yeah… :’D
Thanks for reading, everyone! Take care!! <3

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