Apr 13

Current Projects


Hiiii, everyone!! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

It’s been a few days and I’m finally better and feeling awesome! (Watch me say that and get sick again in the next few hours. I don’t trust this current peace at all…) So after not getting anything playable finished for NaNo due to feeling crappy and tired all the time, I had to shift my priorities a little and made a new masterplan. Let’s see how that turned out! (⌒▽⌒)☆

First of all, Tsuikai Echo. Just in case you’re wondering – I don’t regret announcing a NaNo project and not being able to follow through with it all that much. This little VN grew very dear to me over the past few weeks since I thought it up and I WILL finish it, even if NaNo is long over by then! Now that there aren’t any more time constraints, I’ll take another approach, though! (・・。)ゞ

The first thing to come will be a little demo featuring something like the first 20 minutes. That’s because I’d like some feedback on the stuff I’m planning, primarily the gameplay mechanic tied to Estella’s special ability. It’s nothing super-fancy and I’m sure it has been done before, but I want the player to enjoy it and not be annoyed with it, since it plays a pretty important role! To make the demo a little more interesting, it won’t just cut off somewhere, though – while the first 70% will be the same as the full version, it will have an unique ending you won’t find in the finished game, something like a little alternate scenario of sorts. (。・ω・。) (Danganronpa did the same thing; that’s how I got the idea!)

After releasing the demo for Tsuikai Echo, I’ll finally finish Tenkei Tales I! I decided to scrap the “initial version” plan and will release the fully finished version with all the things I wanted to add instead. ∑(O_O;) Playing through it, I wasn’t all that happy with some of the maps, and there are quite a few sound effects missing, as well as other things that need to be fixed. (Not bugs, just graphical stuff that’s bothering me.) Again, I’m really sorry for the hold-up, but now that it’s already april I might as well just finish it properly instead of releasing something I’m not happy with. (Plus, the “initial version” was intended to get it released near christmas, but… yeah… that’s loooooong over. “orz)

I don’t know when any of this will be done, by the way. That’s because I reeeaaally need to finish all the stuff for SHINRAI before I can devote myself fully to my own projects again. I’m almost done with coloring the last few CGs and I’ll start to code the next chapter very soon! (ง •̀_•́)ง Depending on how fast my partner works, I even might have to code the fifth chapter right after I’m done with the fourth, so I really can’t predict how long all this will take. (Especially because the fifth chapter will be quite a challenge to code. °__°)

But that doesn’t mean there won’t be any updates, of course! I have to admit, I’m a bit distracted right now due to the sudden urge to draw some of my older characters for a project that’s still far off, buuuuut there’s a little surprise in the works!! (。 >艸<) And I hope to bring you some news regarding the Tsuikai Echo demo soon-ish too!

So yeah, I’m slowly getting back on track again and will try my best to catch up with everything!
(…we totally need a new header too, by the way. Something more appropriate for spring. :’D)
Thank you for reading! I hope you have a wonderful week, everyone!! <3

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