Little Update


Hiiii, everyone! ( ゚▽゚)/

It’s been over a month since the last update… sorry about that! I’d love to say that I made a ton of progress on my projects in the meantime, but sadly, that’s not the case. So what happened?

Our situation at home had been rather worrisome lately, with a lot of problems drastically worsening in the second half of April. And then, right at the beginning of May, something really awful happened – but I won’t go into much detail here. In any case, mom has been in the hospital ever since, and we still don’t know when she will return home. As you probably can imagine, all this sad stuff going on made me rather unproductive and it was hard to focus for quite some time. The one thing I made quite a bit of progress with was…

SHINRAI! That’s right, the entire fourth chapter is pretty much completed by now! (And to celebrate that, I made a little preview pic with Momoko and Kamen!) I’ll probably start coding the fifth chapter after I’m done writing and sharing this post. “Probably,” because there’s a really loud thunderstorm going on right now, and I hope there won’t be a blackout. O__O;

Considering that June isn’t too far off anymore, I’ll spend the rest of this month with finishing chapter 5. Plus, there are some things regarding this homepage I need to research, since I’m unhappy with a lot of stuff. (・・。)ゞ It’s looking okay-ish, but it’s missing so much content and it’s not how I want it to be at all, so yeah… (I need to finally draw that new banner as well. Preferably before it’s winter again. >__>)

Um, anyway. I DID work on some other stuff too, but unfortunately, that’s nothing I want to officially show off yet. At least until this homepage looks a bit more like it’s supposed to. But you might catch a glimpse of a certain someone and his friends on my private Twitter these days, in case you’re really curious! (。・ω・。)

Alrighty, I guess I’ll start with coding chapter 5 in a few minutes. Let’s hope the code doesn’t decide to bully me again. xD
Thanks for reading and have an awesome week, everyone!! <3