Happy Halloween 2016!


Hiiii, everyone! (ノ・д・)ノ

I hope you have (or “had”, because timezones and stuff) a great and spooky Halloween! (。・ω・。)
I got a little sidetracked with gaming earlier, so it’s pretty late over here, but anyway…

To be honest, I wanted to show you a little manga special today, similar to the Valentine’s and White Day specials… but I didn’t quite finish in time. (You wouldn’t have expected anything else, right? :’D) It’s supposed to be a tiny bit creepy, but it doesn’t have a Halloween theme or anything, so I’m not that bummed out that I didn’t make it – it’s been a pretty interesting experiment, if anything. To be precise, an experiment to figure out how long it would take me to draw thirty pages: 29 normal ones and the cover. I got pretty far and there are only three pages left to ink! It still needs to be shaded and lettered, though, so this’ll probably take me another week. (・・。)ゞ

So why would I conduct an experiment like that? Because drawing these little stories is really fun to me and I’d like to make more of them, even longer ones! For that reason, I’ll conduct another experiment early next year. I’ll change the schedule up and try out some stuff I didn’t get to do this time, and it will be even longer than just 30 pages! But first, I’ll take care of Tenkei Tales, because it’s almost christmas time again and I really want to release it this year!! <3

I’m kinda running out of time, so yeah: Expect the not-so-little manga special sometime next week! (And expect another, less rushed posting about Tenkei Tales soon-ish as well!)
Thanks for reading and have an awesome week, everyone! (/^▽^)/