Hyoukyo Mirror!


Hiiii, everyone!!

It’s a bit late over here (1:30 AM to be exact… “orz), but despite all technical difficulties and malfunctioning programs that tormented me today, I managed to upload the cover and first four pages of the ex-Halloween Special just as promised!

You can find it over here!

And here’s a little description: “One rainy afternoon, Taku returns to the classroom to find Kei waiting for his cleaning duty partner Serika. She went to “that” room to get something, but is long overdue by now. Since Kei is too scared to go alone, he asks Taku to accompany him, and the two set off on a short but strange journey to find the missing girl.”

The only really creepy things in there are my awkward tries at getting the perspective right, but, uh… I’ll learn! It’s really more Mystery/Comedy than horror, but I hope you’ll enjoy it! <3

Gotta admit, though… I’ll do the Tapastic upload tomorrow. This has taken me WAY too long to figure out and I really need to work on other stuff today as well. But hey, at least I kept my promise in SOME timezones of the world! It’s a start! (ง •̀_•́)ง

Alrighty, gotta run now! Thank you for reading and have a nice week!! ^___^