Nov 25

HM Update & TTI:L News!


Hiiiiii, everyone!! Happy Thanksgiving! ^__^

Not much time has passed since the last posting, but here we go again! Guess I better should get used to updating more often – it just feels a bit odd to me, considering how I kept vanishing for weeks or even months sometimes. (That’s definitely a habit I don’t want to return to anytime soon, though.)

Anyway! First of all, there are three new Hyoukyo Mirror pages for you to read!
Hyoukyo Mirror is now on Tapastic as well, but I changed the plans up a little: The newest update to any story I publish will be updated first on this homepage, meaning that the official Prismanga page will always be one update ahead. That’s why you can read the first four pages now on Tapastic, but today’s pages will get uploaded there next monday, and so on. I’ve seen other people use this method before and I think it’s a reasonable thing to do if you have more different content to show than comics. If people are curious how the story progresses, they can take a look at the official page, and maybe see something else they find interesting while they’re at it. It’s free to read no matter which place you prefer, of course!

Tapastic is a really nice place, by the way! The page looks pretty cool, everything is easy to understand and comfortable to use, and people generally seem to be kind and helpful.
But let’s get to the other part of the update now~…


Script revisions are done and another two characters – Setsuya and Kanami – got brand new sprites, which are already completely finished! You can see a little comparison between Setsu’s old and new sprites up there in the preview pic! I also randomly started to work on the new maps, which wasn’t even planned for this month. I just wanted to sketch some stuff and accidentally finished a new hallway and made a bit of progress on two rather big rooms. They still need furniture, though.

Alright, then – I’ll return to screentoning now.
Have a great day, everyone! (And if you’re working in retail on Black Friday: Fight! You can do it! <3)

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