Nov 29

More pages, more progress!


Hiiiii, everyone!! ヾ(。・ω・。)

It looks like Kei is super-surprised that the next update is already here, doesn’t it? :’D
You can read the next three pages of Hyoukyo Mirror over here!
Tapastic has been updated with last Thursday’s pages as well!

So what else is new? Aside from getting a little hooked on Pokémon Moon and finally meeting Gladion today, I made some progress on Tenkei Tales I: Levellia as well!


I finished redrawing the old sprites! You can see the new Kanami in the preview pic above!
I’m pretty happy with all of them, even if some might say that it wasn’t THAT necessary to redraw them. Gospel wrote about this dilemma in his latest Weekly Posting on GosatsuVNs as well. Now that I’ve redrawn the sprites, I should redraw the CGs as well, which is the reason why the orange bar isn’t full yet. But working on the CGs, no matter if they’re old or new, has a lower priority right now, because I really want to complete the new assets and start with the coding first. There’s quite a bit of code I have to revamp since some stuff got mixed up and revised, so I definitely don’t want to put this off until the last minute again!

To give you an example of what’s changed:
– There are four new maps accessible right from the start, with two of them changing a bit over the course of the day.
– A whole… uh… “quest line” has completely changed and I’ll need to delete and replace a lot of switches and will probably break everything in the process. O__O;
– There’s something like a little sidequest now, which needs to be implemented from scratch and requires you to do certain stuff at a specific time or have certain items.

So yeah, this will take me a while. I’ll start with coding as soon as the new character’s sprites and charsets are finished! Speaking of which, I already sketched all three of them and have been working on the first sprite. That guy looks like he stumbled into the wrong setting at first glance, but that’s okay… ;;

Anyway, thank you for reading and have an awesome week, everyone!! (´ω`★)

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