Jan 02

Happy New Year!

Hiiii, everyone!!

It’s finally 2017, yay! I’m not one of those “2016 was the worst year ever” people, but I tend to get really lazy and unproductive at the end of a year, so I’m kinda glad we’ve reached the new one. I already feel 300% more motivated than I felt three days ago! :’D
Soooo~ let’s talk about some stuff!

The Past

2016 was an… okay-ish year. I really wanted to release a game of my own, but never managed to do so (again). In the first quarter, I was too slow to finish the first installment of Tenkei Tales and more and more problems started piling up at home. I managed to complete the Valentine’s and White Day Specials though, which were my first real attempts at drawing manga! When spring came around, things got pretty horrible and took quite some time to calm down again. Hopefully, this year’s spring will be a lot happier…

In summer, GosatsuVN’s release of Shinrai was the first priority, so there was a lot of coding to be done while somehow surviving the heat. And on August 26th, just an hour after I came back from my voluntary work at Austria’s biggest anime convention, it finally got released! That was definitely one of the most exciting moments of 2016! I learned a lot about coding… and implementing Steam achievements… and anger management on the days when nothing would work. (That last one was a joke! O__O; …mostly.)

Soon after that, I started working on Hyoukyo Mirror, my first bigger manga project! 30 pages don’t sound like much, but I’m slooooow and not very experienced with drawing comic stuff, so it took reeeeaaally long. In the end, I quickly burned through the pages I finished early as a buffer, and had to spend the first half of December with catching up. ;;

The Present

Right now, I’m working on two artworks that should’ve been done by Christmas. I know the receivers won’t mind the delay too much, but I still want to get their presents done ASAP. After that, we really need a non-autumn banner for Prismanga…

Hyoukyo Mirror is mostly finished! I stopped posting updates over here since there was nothing else to say, but if you’ve followed Prismanga’s official Twitter, you’ll hopefully have noticed them! If not, have some links to the last few updates:

Page 20-22 on Prismanga / on Tapastic
Page 23-25 on Prismanga / on Tapastic
Page 26-29 on Prismanga / on Tapastic

The bonus page has been sketched and is halfway inked, so I’ll hopefully be done with it pretty soon as well!

Tenkei Tales I: Levellia is NOT on hiatus, even if Christmas is already over. In fact, I completed the very last charset today! The progress bars haven’t changed much, but just for the sake of completion:

Next up are some of the new maps, and after that, the first big chunk of coding I need to revamp~!

Prismanga will be updated on Mondays starting now. (I’ll call those “Prismondays”… … …or maybe not.) I’ll probably kick out the pink “About” button in favor of some sort of “Notes” section about gamedev and mangaka work. Maybe that’s not the best title for a section like that, but I kinda want to keep it at five letters so it will fit in with the other buttons.

The Future

Gamedev-wise, I’ll definitely focus on finally finishing TTI:L! After that, I’ll resume work on the demo for Tsuikai Echo, which has been on hold for a really long time now. Let’s hope Estella and Fion won’t be too mad at me. ;;

Regarding manga, I’ve decided not to do a Valentine’s and White Day Special this year, because every story that came to mind would take me forever to finish, and I’m NOT going to put TTI:L on the backburner any longer. I WILL write the script and roughly sketch the first few pages for the next manga project in January, though! It doesn’t have a name yet, but the story is pretty much figured out and you can see its two main characters on the New Year’s artwork. Here’s a bigger version:

According to chinese zodiacs, 2017 is the year of the fire rooster, so I wanted to draw something fiery and feathery! (The feathers are part of the scarf and the kimono sash, in case you didn’t notice!) And I tried some weird top-down angle thingie. Not sure if I’m satisfied with it, but I tried my best. ;;

On the right, we have Kian, an outgoing and enthusiastic young man who’d much rather go adventuring than finish university. He is very confident in his abilities and bravery, despite never having had the chance to prove himself. (You might suspect “Kian” to be a japanese name again, but it’s actually a modern form of the gaelic name “Cian”, which means “ancient”. That’s why it’s spoken “Kee-an” or just “Keen”!) The girl on the left is Claire, a young-looking but actually quite old android with a cheerful personality. She lives together with Kian in his newly-rented apartment in Cape Fortuna and gets pretty much treated like a little sister.

Alrighty, that’s it for today. More infos (including story synopsis and hopefully a proper name) in a later update!
Thank you for reading this slightly longer posting and for sticking with me! I know I’m not the most reliable dev around, but I try to better myself and make good on my promises! Let’s all have an awesome year 2017!! <3

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