Jan 09

January Update #1

Hiiii, everyone!! ^___^

Just a tiny little update today, because there’s actually not very much to say and not even the preview pic is finished. It occured to me yesterday that I wouldn’t have anything suitable to use, so I quickly sketched Claire cheerfully glomping Kian, while completely forgetting that a format like this wouldn’t work at all as a preview pic…
Oh well, it looks cute and I’ll finish it up later and post it on Twitter, so everything’s fine! The thing is, I reeeeaaaally want to be a more reliable gamedev/mangaka, so I don’t just want to say “whatever” and start postponing updates in the second week of the year. ;;

Anyway! Aside from working on the late gifts I mentioned last time, I finished inking HM’s bonus page and have decided to color it instead of screentoning! I’ve also started writing the script for HM’s still untitled successor, so I can soon start sketching the first few pages. Really looking forward to trying out a few new things and hopefully avoid repeating the mistakes I made with Hyoukyo Mirror! It’s not like I’ve gotten much feedback, but I’ve looked at more tutorials and other manga ever since, and came to a few conclusions:

– It’s fine not to screentone EVERYTHING. Looking at how other people work, I really overdid it, especially on white or very bright surfaces. Screentoning the shirts and light skin colors was pretty unnecessary, for example. Some mangaka don’t use many screentones at all and it still looks really good, so I need to find a balance as well…!
– I need to make a big list of soundwords and use them a bit more creatively. This was actually one piece of advice I got, and it’s true! There were several instances where I had no clue what to use, or thought “Ugh, this sounds stupid” and didn’t include anything.
– I used the curve and line tools for most of the backgrounds, but I’ve read that it looks better and more “alive” to just draw everything by hand, if possible. The same goes for soundwords, btw. So I’ll try to draw everything by hand and only use fonts for textboxes.

…well, and then there’s the issue of angles and perspective. Going all-out in a school setting felt a bit weird, but this new project is a lot more adventurous and might be the perfect playground to try out some things! (Can’t guarantee it won’t look strange, though, like that one panel where Serika grabs the trophy :’D)

Anyway, it’s 6 AM over here and I’m in a state of mild panic now that Danganronpa V3’s trophy list was released, which I need to avoid at all costs… so I’ll call it a day. Thank you for reading and have an awesome week, everyone!! <3

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