Jan 17

January Update #2

Hiiii, everyone!! (。・ω・。)

Another week has begun and I still can’t show off very much, but I’ve finally completed almost all of the work that prevented me from giving TTI:L and the new manga project my full attention! I can’t wait to continue mapping and tinker around with the code, especially since I’ve caught up with some of my favorite YouTuber Nesfate’s videos last weekend. Watching her LPs always gets me extra-motivated to work on my own RPG Maker projects! If you understand German and/or love RPG Maker horror games and similar stuff, you really should check out her channel!

Anyway! As you can see, last week’s preview pic is finished now – this is what the full artwork looks like:

While Claire looks fairly normal (for an android), Kian makes it a point to not only act like an adventurer, but to look like one too. And so he got a fancy coat with unnecessary belts and some equally unnecessary accessories to go along with it. Yep, drawing this for several dozen pages will effectively drive me crazy. Also, note how he’s pretending to be totally not startled or losing his balance from getting surprise-glomped by Claire… (・・。)ゞ

The Hyoukyo Mirror bonus page is as good as done too, with only two backgrounds remaining! I’ve been thinking about posting it on Thursday, both here and on Tapastic. The latter update would include this artwork as well to tease the new project. It’s against Tapastic’s rules to post an update without an accompanying comic, so that’d probably be the best option. Which means… three days left for me to decide on a name…! Oh, and I have a certain motive in mind for the cover already, but that will be a TON of work. It will include all important characters and should look pretty cool!

Anyway, that’s it for today! You might hear from me as soon as Thursday, if I manage to come up with a name for Kian’s and Claire’s story – if not, I’ll at least try to have some good news regarding TTI:L to share next Monday! <3
Thank you for reading and have a great week, everyone!! ヾ(。・ω・。)

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