Feb 07

February Update #1

Hiiiii, everyone!! O___O;

First of all, I’m really sorry for the missing update last week!! I kinda got the days mixed up and thought it was only Sunday, when it actually was already Monday. Luckily (?) there wasn’t anything to report last week, since I’ve been preoccupied with stuff completely unrelated to manga or games… and planning for a far-off project because I had a sudden flash of inspiration. I’m STILL not done with the spreadsheets for that one, because it’s insanely huge and gets more complicated with each chapter. :’D

Anyway! As you can see above, I’ve been working on some of the new TTI:L maps again! This is the (right now mostly unshaded and texture-less) cellar. Like I said before, there’ll be no monsters down there, just obligatory boxes and equipment for doing laundry… and one other quite important thing that’s conveniently cut-off on this screenshot. So what else is new?

Every single CG has been properly (not just roughly) sketched now and I’ll start inking and maybe coloring this week! (。・ω・。) Still not sure how long it’ll take to finish everything, but I’ve decided to stop worrying and just work until it’s done. Constantly re-evaluating when it MIGHT be ready for release won’t get me anywhere, after all. ;;

Also, there’s some manga news, but probably not the kind of news you’ve been expecting. Because I’m doing a little Valentine’s Day Special after all, even if I said I wouldn’t. I swear I’m not lying to you on purpose, I’m just a very fickle person and couldn’t come up with something smaller than a tiny story. And since I finally managed to release something a little bigger with Hyoukyo Mirror, I wanted to use at least one character people might be familiar with. But bullying Shiori again would be no fun and Serika has no interest in romance, so yeah… you’ll get to see Kei again, as well as Aya, a girl who likes him very much~! You don’t know her yet (since the Valentine’s Special will take place 1 1/2 years after Hyoukyo Mirror), but Aya is like a cheerful whirlwind full of energy – or “extremely exhausting”, like Kei would describe her. (・・。)ゞ

Oh, and since you’re probably facepalming by now, wondering how I’ll get this finished in one week: It’s already completely sketched and I’ll start inking right after sharing this posting! It’ll be okay! (Maybe! Probably. Hopefully…) (Wow, that confidence.)

Thanks for reading, everyone!! I’ll do my best not to forget which day of the week it is, so I’ll see you next Monday! <3

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