Feb 21

February Update #2

Hiiiii, everyone!

I seriously can’t believe that the first two months of the year are almost over. It feels like we just decorated the Christmas tree, and yet… we’re getting closer to springtime already. I sketched and wrote down A LOT of stuff last week, including a detailed plan for the next big manga project! (Yep, I’ll tell you the title soon-ish ^__^”) But before that, I have four small ones to complete, all of them having something to do with Valentine’s or White Day. The first of them is already in the works and I’ve started inking it today! Thus, you can see a sad Kei up there, which is very fitting for my current mood. ;;

What else is there? Well, I worked a little on the new CGs for TTI:L, but there’s barely any change to the progress bars, so we’ll take a look at them next time. I wish I had something else to report, but there’s been so much other stuff I had to work on last week that I didn’t find the time to do much more. (In fact, I never found the time to put the Valentine’s Day Special onto Tapastic yet either…)

I guess my time and project management is still pretty horrible, but while there definitely could be more to present, I’m quite happy with the way things are going right now. There’s a whole lot going on behind the scenes – it’s just stuff I’d better not show off yet, or it’ll probably end very badly, like my continuously postponed plans for Tsuikai Echo. (I’m STILL so sorry, Estella and Fion “orz)

Lastly, there’s a little Greenlight campaign by a friend of mine you definitely should check out if you like murder mystery VNs!
“Detective Butler: Maiden Voyage Murder” by Goldbar Games!
It was recently improved with some neat stuff while still staying completely free! So if you want to meet cool people like the clever detective Butler who the game is named after, or the cute maid Cecila, give it a try! (Yeah, those two might be my favs and that’s why I had to mention them specifically… *cough*)

Alrighty, I’ll get back to inking now!
Thank you for reading and have a great week, everyone!

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