Jun 06

June Update #1

Hiiii, everyone!! (。・ω・。)

It’s… been a while. Again. I need to stop going on hiatus, because that line sounds pretty lame by now. So what happened? To be honest, nothing. As the easily distractible person I am, I did what I do best and got preoccupied with a ton of stuff not relevant to what I actually should be doing. You know the drill. But there’s still some news, so let’s get to it before my headache kills me! (I should never ever go outside again during summer. It just ends badly :’D)

Shion, our new mascot

You might’ve seen him on Twitter last Thursday, and if you follow my private account, I mentioned him there a few times too. Yep, that’s him up there on the preview pic. And yes, those are some pretty fancy eye colors! Now you might be wondering: “Why?”

Soooo… you know Ayato, Prismanga’s first mascot? No, you don’t? Well, if that’s your answer I couldn’t even blame you, because I did exactly nothing with him after drawing two mediocre yonkoma and featuring him in the header. Same goes for poor Misora (the brunette girl with the orange-brown color scheme) and that purple-haired guy lingering in the background of the autumn header. I never even told you his name. Sigh. There are things I had planned with these three, but I never got around to do them, and then… I got dissatisfied with a lot of things and scrapped everything. (・・。)ゞ

And that’s just one of maaaaa~ny more reasons for this decision! Next Monday, Shion himself will tell you a bit more about those reasons, but yeah… I have thought about doing this for a long time and wanted to change our mascot as long as Prismanga is still tiny and most people won’t notice. ;;

Farewell from Tapastic

I have decided to delete Hyoukyo Mirror from Tapastic and close down my account there. That whole dilemma with the ToS recently got me thinking and I decided that it will be for the best. (If you don’t know: Tapastic changed their name to “Tapas” and made quite a few changes to the site, including a sketchy sounding part in the Terms of Service regarding a “Right of First Refusal”. There was a huge outcry and a ton of people left the site fearing that the copyright to their works could be in danger. It was not pretty and people probably should’ve chilled a bit and waited for official clarification °-°)

Anyway! I watched this panic go on for a while and by now, it’s pretty much resolved and the passage in question has been deleted from the ToS. Like I said, this got me thinking too. Do I really want to keep my projects on Tapas? What if they add some weird stuff to the ToS again? And then, it occured to me: I actually don’t feel like I need Tapas. Because drawing manga is fun, but first and foremost, I’m still a gamedev. Soooo… this is where my priorities should lie!

So I’ll bid farewell to Tapas in the coming days and will keep Hyoukyo Mirror and everything else solely on Prismanga. I don’t think it’s a bad site and people really were overreacting about that ToS thing, but I’ll be happier if everything is stored on my own page. Especially since I won’t have to upload everything twice, make thumbnails, etc. Saving time is always good!

Other Stuff

I’m not sure how much longer I’ll be able to build coherent sentences today (thanks headache), so I’ll stop here. But that’s not all for this week! I’ll squeeze in another update on Thursday – nothing really big, but I want to share a few things! ^__^

As always, thank you for reading and I hope you have a great start of the week!! ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚

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