Jun 09


Hiiiii, everyone!!

So this probably won’t be the most exciting update ever and mostly consist of nonsense, but whatever. I didn’t even have a proper preview pic to use, so… have a very dissatisfied Setsuya? In case you want to see the big version:

This is something I just drew for fun, as evidenced by the hastily scribbled lettering. I forgot it for a few weeks, rediscovered it when cleaning my desktop, and decided to finish it. It has actually nothing to do with Tenkei Tales at all, since it’s based on a Super Smash Bros. 4 session with my friends! Of course, I made a lot of my OCs into Miis, so Tsukasa and Setsu get to fight quite a bit. One time, we fought on a self-made stage with reeeeaaaally small islands over a huge abyss, and what you see depicted are my exact thoughts on that matter: “Nope. I’ll stay right here and wait for the enemies.” :’D

Now, Setsu is a Mii Gunner and I tried to shoot my adversaries while jumping up and down on my little island, but you can’t properly aim upwards or anything, so I couldn’t do all that much. In the end, everyone fell down while I refused to go anywhere… ;;
Had it been the real Setsu, he’d probably have done the exact same thing, so this was pretty funny to me and I couldn’t help but draw him grumpily sitting on his tiny island, with Tsukasa cheering him on in the background, wondering why he doesn’t do anything.
Fighting with my OCs is always a ton of fun (especially when it gets crazy and we ALL use our OC-Miis :D), so I get weird bouts of inspiration after some Sm4sh sessions. I actually have another unfinished piece from a newer session…

Okay, enough of that! Soooooo what happened since Monday? I deleted my Tapas(tic) account and will probably kill the comics.prismanga.com subdomain as well. Luckily (?) I have only gotten one comment yet and already screenshotted it, so there won’t be too much lost. From now on, every series will get its own subdomain, complete with fitting colors/design and character page. Example: Hyoukyo Mirror will be on hyoukyo.prismanga.com and probably get a blue/grey color scheme. (No use to access that page, there’s nothing to see yet!) Character pages will also be nice to have and I sorely missed that option on Tapastic.

You also might have noticed that we have a new header! Pretty much everywhere, that is. (I even dug out my old FB and Tumblr accounts for that. Maybe I’ll go back to updating them as well in the future…)

Well, it’s good to see that our new mascot has so much faith in me… “orz (But yeah, I HOPE to change the header again in autumn.)
And here we have the newest shenanigans. After thinking long and hard about what a mascot even can do, I happened upon the idea of making textboxes, so Shion can talk with us a bit too. I love random nonsense! Besides, it’s a nice way to catch a glimpse of his personality, which we never accomplished with Ayato – as you will notice, Shion is a far more outgoing and upbeat person, so I should have a lot of fun coming up with a little dialogue for these updates now and then 😀

And now for something completely different! As you might know if you’re into dinos and stuff, we currently have Jurassic June, which was the perfect opportunity to announce the new collaboration project between my partner Gospel and I~!
Please take a look at the first news regarding our new project “GENBA no Kizuna”!
It’s funny… when I was little, I never was too much into dinosaurs, but Gospel’s enthusiasm is kinda contagious and now I start getting excited when dinos show up somewhere too. Like in yesterday’s gaming session, when there was a tiny blue dino with a big roar roaming the area in front of the exit… it was pretty cute…! <3

One other cool thing you might want to check out:
Goldbar Games’ mystery VN “Detective Butler: Maiden Voyage Murder” is now officially on Steam!
I’d definitely want to go on a nice cruise in this weather… but I could do without that whole “murder” business… ;;

I think I forgot half of the stuff I wanted to say… but I have rambled on long enough and Monday isn’t that far away (・・。)ゞ
Thank you for reading! Have a great second half of the week and take care!! ^__^

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