June Update #2

Hiiiii… everyone… X___X

As usual, summer slowly starts to kill me, so this will be another short update because my brain is pretty much boiled despite having the desk fan running all day. (Evidenced by me writing “my brain is pretty much failed” just now. Oops.)

Umm, yeah. Sooooo, what is there to tell? I spent a lot of the last two weeks on resisting the urge to escape to iceland, finishing some stuff for GENBA, grumbling over the fact that my mouse wheel broke and I lost a day of work, and tinkering on a bit of stuff behind the scenes. Like getting those new separate homepages for the manga projects up and running. Because I might not be able to start posting pages of the new project all too soon, but I really, really want to tell you the title and show you the cover of Kian’s and Claire’s story this summer.

Right now, I’m in the process of re-uploading Hyoukyo Mirror, but I still need to get the hang of the new CMS I’m using for that (Grawlix), so quite a few things aren’t working as they should right now. Buuuut I’ll slowly get there! As an added bonus, I get to read Kei’s and Taku’s slightly creepy adventure again and snicker about my own silly jokes, so it’s all fine :’D
Speaking of slightly creepy things! Steam’s Summer Sale started today! If you want to get away from the heat for a bit and have some murderous Halloween fun instead, you totally should check out SHINRAI, which is 30% off as well~!
Link: http://store.steampowered.com/app/499910/SHINRAI__Broken_Beyond_Despair/

Alrighty, I’m going to finish re-uploading the last dozen pages now, so I’ll stop here. I don’t think I said it clearly yet, but updates really are going to be on Thursday from now on. It’s just much more convenient for me that way, since weekends are busy and I’m usually playing Sm4sh with my friends on Monday (・・。)ゞ
Have a cool week and beware of the mean sunrays, everyone!! <3