Oct 24

October Update #1

Hi, everyone! (・・。)ゞ

It’s been a while and stuff, you now the drill, blah blah. First of all, let me take back the thing I said on Twitter about not having scheduled updates anymore. As it turned out, I’m only updating once every four months if I’m that lenient with myself, so weekly updates will resume from now on. On Mondays, though. (We pretty much pushed our weekly sm4shing session back to Tuesday anyway, so there should be no problems in that regard!) You know, I still do a lot of stuff even when I’m not updating the page, but I’m much more inclined to get distracted by shiny side projects if I don’t have to report back every other week. For instance: I planned like half a dozen new games and made about two dozen new OCs since the last update in June… *cough*

Oh right, before I forget – here’s the big version of the preview pic!

I just wanted to draw a new avatar for Twitter, but then, everything escalated again and I ended up with a full artwork… oh well, I’m pretty happy with the outcome and even got to try out something new! (See the purple spots in the shadows?) I’m actually using this as my current, weirdly sized desktop wallpaper~!

Anyway! I hope the site looks like it always did and not wrong somehow, because I carelessly updated earlier and the new Graphene version destroyed a lot of stuff. I managed to roll back to the old version with some help from the forums, but yeah… let’s hope everything worked out. The new version is very mobile-oriented and I’m not quite ready for that. My smartphone is really crappy by today’s standards and sometimes even manages to crash Twitter several times in a row, so I wouldn’t even have the equipment to test prismanga.com properly… (If there are any people around who only check up on Prismanga via smartphone: I’m sorry! I’ll adjust the page one day, but it’s definitely not a priority right now.)

Sooooo… as you can see, we finally have a new header! Yay! (Here’s the big version, in case you’re curious!) It took me way too long to finish, but at least Shion wasn’t right about me not changing the summer header for three years. I’ll probably keep this one around until the beginning of winter, because I like it a lot and it would be a pity to change it again after a mere month. I actually wanted to do a little Halloween manga project with these three characters, but that didn’t quite work out because the story got too long to reasonably finish in time. (By “too long” I mean around 60 pages, which is double the size of Hyoukyo Mirror.) The girl in the middle, Shiina, would have been the main character. She loves the occult and always worries her best friend by venturing out on her own to check out creepy places. On the day the story takes place, she goes on another adventure and is reluctantly accompanied by Fuyuki (on the left), who follows her on said best friend’s request, and Kayano (on the right), who joins the party out of curiosity. (The Kanji on Fuyuki’s ofuda spell 復活 (fukkatsu; resurrection) and the one on his chest () means “candy.” Because he always carries some sweets with him. In this case as well. ;;

The setting this time would’ve been the far north of Iridos, where it’s snowy all year round, so maybe it would be a nice winter project. Who knows.
Oh, I still have something for Halloween in store, but you’ll have to wait and see. And hope. Because I’m terrible at finishing things, as we all know :’D

Last but definitely not least: I received some amazing birthday gifts from my friends!! (My birthday was back in August, but I didn’t update for thousand years, so yeah…) Let’s start with someone you might know if you’ve read Hyoukyo Mirror or the Valentine’s/White Day Special 2016! Here’s my dear Taku, drawn by Gospel on the letter accompanying the videogame he got me!! <3 (Click to enlarge… a tiny bit.)

(Apologies for the quality – like I said, my smartphone is crappy :’D) …it’s so amazing to see him in Gospel’s style, I couldn’t believe my eyes at first~!! Taku looks so much more mature than he does when I draw him myself, haha ;;

But that’s not all! Two other friends of mine, Ezhno and Khana, teamed up to gift me a wonderful present as well! It was a story written by Ezhno, based on one of our sm4sh matches; an exciting and hilarious battle between two of our OCs!! After Mao, my mean little demon (uh… not in a literal sense), defeated his opponent via unfair means and with a lot of mockery involved, Reon, another OC of mine, came over to apologize for his behavior. Thus, another surprise waited for me at the end of the file! This pretty Reon, drawn by Khana!! (Click to enlarge significantly!)

As you can probably imagine, I melted on the spot and still feel like doing so whenever I look at him…! Doesn’t he totally look like a dreamy otome game love interest? <3

So in case you didn’t catch the links above, here they are again! You really should check out these cool people, they’re amazingly creative and wonderful friends!! (Khana even takes commissions, in case you fell in love with the way she drew Reon as well~!)
Gospel (who drew Taku): https://twitter.com/GosatsuVNs
Ezhno (who wrote the birthday story): https://twitter.com/NovelistEzhno
Khana (who drew Reon): https://twitter.com/Khana_chi/

Alright then, I’ll stop here for today. I’ll leave the rest of the news for next week!
Until then, have a productive week and take care~!! ^__^

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