Oct 31

October Update #2

Happy Halloweeeeen!! ^°w°^

I hope you have a nice and spooky day, everyone~! At least spookier than mine, because Halloween in this country is pretty lame and no one really decorates. But hey, at least I got to eat pumpkin pizza! And I drew this quite magical Kei for the preview pic!

Sooooo, without beating around the bush, let me tell you today’s announcement!
Hyoukyo Mirror is getting a sequel!

Apparently, I really get into spooky manga mood around September/October, so I was thinking about what to do. As I told you last time, there was this story about Shiina and her friends I came up with, but it was a bit too long for the timeframe I had in mind. There also was another attempt, but it got kinda weird and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to convey the “special effects” with my current skills sufficiently… (It’s hard to explain and spoilery, don’t ask :’D)

So I thought: “This isn’t working out. Maybe I won’t draw anything spooky after all…” (・・。)ゞ
But around the middle of the month, I had a pretty intriguing dream which made me think of a completely new story. I wrote everything down, and when I was finished, I realized that this new project had the exact same length as Hyoukyo Mirror had – 30 pages, including the cover. This seemed more manageable than the other projects, but it was a week before Halloween and I’m super-slow and had to finish the Halloween Special artwork for Gosatsu, aaaand… well, you get the gist.

In the end, I said “Whatever” and started to draw anyway. I have all the pages planned out in detail and already sketched quite a few, but they still need inking and… figuring out how to shade them this time. I also would’ve liked to show you the finished cover because I think it’s starting to look pretty cool, but then I forgot that I’m missing an important thing: The logo. Oops.
So instead of the colored version, here’s a sneak peek at the lineart!

As you can see, Kei and Taku will be returning, and Shiori will also get a bigger role! It’s about the same level of not-really-spooky and silly as Hyoukyo Mirror, but this time, without wandering through endless, deserted school corridors! (Okay, a tiny bit in the beginning, but that’s over real quick and the school looks livelier this time! Promise!)

Uploads will be only once a week, on Thursdays. Whatever I get finished will be uploaded, so I’m not shooting for “every week four pages” or anything – it’s done when it’s done. Because I have other stuff to do as well, including work on GENBA~!

Alright, I’m going to stop here for now because Gospel is waiting!!
Have an awesome day, everyone! <3

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