Hyoukyo Traitor

Hiii, everyone…!!

It’s super-late and I’m half dead, but since there’s still Thursday in some parts of the world, I wanted to show you the beginning of my new little manga project anyway! I only managed to finish the cover and one page, but it’s better than nothing I guess ;;

So here’s the sequel to Hyoukyo Mirror: Hyoukyo Traitor!

I thought a long while about the title – especially the first part. Did I want another word than “Hyoukyo” – which, as you may recall, means “devil possession, curse” – and if so, which word? In the end, nothing really fit and I liked the idea of having some kind of spooky Hyoukyo “series” taking place in Kei’s and Taku’s school, so I went with the old meaning. “If that’s the case, you might as well have made a new chapter for HM.” Yeah, I thought about that too, but aside from a little flashback, the infamous mirror is nowhere to be seen (…or is it?) and doesn’t have any real influence on the story. Besides, I wanted to make a clear cut, because I’d like to think that my drawing skills have improved since last year and most of the old pages don’t look very good to me now.

This time, I’m simply shading with grey and don’t use any screen tones. I’ll be pretty busy this November, so I can’t spend half a day on screen tones + shading + lighting like I did with Hyoukyo Mirror, and I honestly overdid it with all that stuff anyway. So this try is a bit more simple – maybe I’ll do it next time just with screen tones and very little shading, who knows.

So! As you can see, we’ll be visiting THAT room again, but what will we find there? You’ll have to wait and see. In the meantime, I’ll have to set up a proper page for HT and finally finish the one for HM. I’m cutting it really close here already, so I didn’t have time for that yet. I’m well-prepared as always, haha… (・・。)ゞ

Well then, I’m going to call it a day now, since it’s 6 AM over here. Oops.
Take care, everyone~! <3