November Update #2

Hiiii… everyone…! “orz

This will be a pretty short update, since I’m currently fighting the crushing despair caused by chapter 5 of Danganronpa V3 and was unable to concentrate for most of the week. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to wreck people that much with my own stories, but I’ll try! (…wait, that kinda sounds like a threat.)

As you might know, November 11th is Pocky Day, because of the way the date looks when written as 11-11! When I saw some cute fanart appearing on Twitter, I suddenly felt like drawing something too… so this week’s preview pic shows Aya, who really wants to play the pocky game with Kei, but of course he’s only annoyed by her overbearing attitude again. Well, playing the pocky game might end with the participants kissing, so it’s no wonder he gets flustered and tries to use his book as a shield… (・・。)ゞ
Looking at the date, you might wonder why I didn’t post this on Twitter last Saturday, but it was kinda hard to finish in time when you can’t even see the canvas through the tears… ;;

So what else did happen? The Hyoukyo Mirror site is still missing the Extras stuff and the page transcriptions, but everything else is finally done. The Hyoukyo Traitor site got its background and I wrote up some of the missing text. In case you didn’t see them yet, page 2 and 3 were added last Thursday – I’m not going to make an extra posting on Prismanga every time I upload new pages, just mention it on Twitter and in the Monday update. I also did a few character designs I’ll need soon-ish, but I can’t show them off yet. But maybe you’ll catch a glimpse of some of these characters in Hyoukyo Traitor soon~!

Well, that’s all for today. I’ll try to pick myself up in time for the next update… so take care until then!
Bye-onara! <3