November Update #3

Hiii, everyone!!

Unfortunately, this will be another pretty short update because not much happened over the course of the week. (But we “finally” finished V3 yesterday, so I’ll hopefully be able to concentrate better from now on!) Since there’s nothing really to report, because most of the stuff I did is kinda spoilery in regards to other projects, I was thinking about what to say. After all, I don’t want to start postponing updates again… even if I didn’t get to upload a new page for Hyoukyo Traitor last week either.

And then I remembered! I never even showed you this slightly weird artwork, right? It has been online for quite a while now, but neither here nor on Twitter – it can be seen over on the Gosatsu Patreon, where it’s used to showcase how different Gospel’s and my drawing styles are. (So people won’t get a shock when seeing his characters, even adult men, suddenly looking too cute and young :’D) There’s even a story behind it! As I have mentioned in previous updates, I love to play Super Sm4sh Bros. with my friends and have made a lot of my OCs into Miis. Now, there are many instances when stuff happens I’d like to document somehow, especially because I have a terrible tendency to forget saving replays. In this case, it’s nothing huge. I simply picked up the Tanooki power-up while playing Seika, and thought that it would look really cute on him, so I wanted to draw this ;;

To be exact, the artwork evolved somewhat from just showing Seika, to also featuring his twin brother Seiya, who watches on in amusement. Behind him is Mao, ever the mischievous little demon, ready to strike with that accursed baseball bat. I don’t have a very good relationship with baseball bats in Sm4sh…
But wait, it doesn’t end here! One day, my friend Ezhno came up with a challenge! He told me that each character who managed to secure a win that night would have a Star Child in Conception named after them in his save file! And so, I tried my hardest to win… but in the end, only Seika came out victorious. So I felt compelled to make a little follow-up artwork!

As you can see, Seika is holding the Star Child named after him, who knows very well that Seiya just got homerun’d into oblivion when no one was looking :’D (Not that Seika wouldn’t avenge his brother immediately…)

So yeah, that’s the story of how these artworks came to be. (If you know a bit about Japanese, you might wonder why Seika is named like that – after all, it’s a name used for girls. Couldn’t I have just called him Seiji instead, if I wanted something to go along with Seiya’s name? The thing is that both their names have plot relevance much later on, which required them to be named that way. Not to mention that there’s a really silly naming pun going on with both twins, Mao and one further person… but that shall be explained another day~)

Alright then, that’s all for today! I hope you didn’t mind the… not very update-y update too much. Admittedly, it was more story time than anything else… (・・。)ゞ
Have a fun week and take care, everyone~! <3