Happy New Year! / January Update #1

Hiiii, everyone!!

First posting of the new year, phew! I’m still trying to catch up with stuff after I spent December working on gifts, holiday artworks (like this one and this one), GENBA sprites, and, uhhh… a ten-page V3 Christmas doujinshi I needed to get out of my system… *cough*

Anyway!! 2017 sure wasn’t very memorable in terms of completed projects. I failed to meet practically all holiday artwork deadlines, started Hyoukyo Traitor pretty much on a whim, came up with several new (secret) projects and made a ton of new OCs like I do every year. Well, I guess it’s neat that I managed to finally set up proper pages for Hyoukyo Mirror and Hyoukyo Traitor?
Well, that’s no reason to get discouraged at all! I’m determined to make 2018 a much better year!!

That being said, there’s not a whole lot to say today either, but that’s mostly because I worked on stuff behind the scenes. And not just for some random side project, but for things that are actually important for Hyoukyo Traitor! I don’t want to spoil anything, but maybe you’ll have a hunch what it might be after we progressed a few more pages into the story. Unlike Hyoukyo Mirror, which was quite disconnected from any other projects, Hyoukyo Traitor shows us glimpses of a much bigger story I’d like to tell one day. It would actually be a good idea to make that “pretty soon” instead of “one day”, but I’m not even done with TTI:L, so yeah… ;;

My resolutions for the new year are quite simple and a bit ambiguous, but that’s fine. Better ambiguous than too ambitious right off the bat. Besides, announcing big things before they’re even remotely ready never did me any good, so I just won’t do it.
Therefore, my resolutions are:
1) Finish Hyoukyo Traitor as soon as possible and get started with Kian’s and Claire’s story!
2) Finish any game, doesn’t matter which! (And release it, of course. I shouldn’t just keep it when I’m done :’D)

So yeah, we’ll try to pick up the pace with Hyoukyo Traitor a little, because I’d STILL like to finish that before half the year is over again. And I’m really looking forward to start with Kian’s and Claire’s adventure! Won’t it be nice to have a different setting than school for a change, and get more action!? …I say that now, but I’ve never drawn action scenes before, so we’ll see how that turns out. (・・。)ゞ
Also, I really want to release a game… of my own. SHINRAI 2 and GENBA don’t count, even if I hope we’ll make lots of progress on those too! The obvious choice for that would be TTI:L, so I hope to get back to work on that soon!
(Hey, speaking of SHINRAI and GENBA, you totally should check out our plans for 2018 on Gosatsu.com as well!)

Lastly, have a little funfact about the New Year’s artwork: It’s obvious why Shion is featured, but why is Seika there as well? Just to hold up the second fan to complete the date? Nope! There’s another reason! As you know from the last update, my friend Ezhno came up with a fun Sm4sh challenge: If a character of mine claimed victory, they’d get the honor of having a Star Child in Conception named after them. Shion managed to win and Seika got to lend his name to a new Star Child after some save file corruption occured, and so, both of them ended up with earth as their element.
What I’m getting at with this is basically: 2018 is the Year of the Earth Dog, so I chose two characters with the fitting element (even if it’s not canonical appropriate) and gave them dog ears. Yep, that’s all there is to it. (I wonder if Ezhno noticed that this might be the reason for having Seika there as well, haha…)

Alright, I’ve run out of time, sooooo I’ll leave it at that!
I hope you had a great start to the year! Let’s all do our best in 2018!! <3