June Update #2

Hiiiii, everyone!!

…it’s even later than last time because we had another huge Sm4sh session and then I ran into some trouble… and then it was time for breakfast… and now it’s almost time for lunch………………..
Ahem. Sorry about that! But better a few hours later than a few months later! ;;;

Alright then, what news do we have today? First of all, I can report that planning for the Complicated Project has been going very well once again and I should be 98% finished with the true end route by now! Maybe I’ll actually finish tomorrow or the day after and can start revising the whole thing and begin with asset creation! Yay! And if you’re thinking now: “Does she STILL haven’t figured out a proper name for that game?” I have good news too. I think I’ve found a pretty neat name, I just want to think about it a little longer and do some research before announcing anything.

Other than that, I was also dying from the hot weather, which brings me to today’s Summer Special Artwork!
Have a look at the big version:

On the right, we have Shinya, the main character of the Complicated Project and on the left, we have Senri, his best friend and companion for some parts of the game. I hope you’ll like these two because I personally love them a ton and have drawn them quite a bit lately! Especially Senri with his wild, fluffy hair is super fun to draw~! <3

So… originally, I just intended to share their names and wanted to leave it at that, because it’ll still be quite a long time before it will make sense to share story details and stuff. But I know at least one person who’s always very curious about Prismanga lore (you know who you are), so I guess a little character description can’t hurt. Please keep in mind that we’re basically still in early development for this game and some things could still change… even if I don’t see any reason for that right now. But who knows.

Shinya, our MC, is the adoptive son of the wealthy Hizume family. Like most of the other main characters, he attends the very same Soumei High School we see in Hyoukyo Mirror and Hyoukyo Traitor. (But no worries, the setting of the game is something entirely different and the school will only show up in flashbacks!) Shinya seems rather serious and unapproachable, mostly thanks to his tendency to glare at people and appearing perpetually annoyed some days. Much of that annoyance stems from having to deal with his little troublemaker sister Misha, who is an erratic and selfish girl and keeps dragging her introvert brother into all sorts of trouble. Whenever he voices complaints, she reminds him of a promise they made when they were little to get him to do what she wants. It doesn’t help that their father is always in favor of Misha, even if the evidence tells a different story. By now, Shinya only plays Misha’s protector more out of obligation than actual care… or at least that’s what he claims.

Despite the intense glare, Shinya isn’t an inherently unfriendly person. He gets along just fine with most of the others, but especially with the quieter and less exhausting people, like his best friend Senri and the other sibling duo of the cast, Souta and Rena. When terrible things start happening (remember, it’s going to be a horror game) and he unwillingly becomes the only one who can stop the approaching tragedies, Shinya tries hard to find a solution for everyone’s dilemma – but it depends on the player how well that will go and if he can actually prevent the worst. Be warned that there are mostly bad ends in this game… ;;;

Lastly, have a few random notes:
– Has a special ability which I won’t elaborate on yet because I’m still lacking a name for it… oops ;;
– Looks rather cool with his red eyes but gets embarrassed and blushy very easily
– Easily misunderstood sometimes, to the point that even the game’s “bad guy” accuses him of being cold-hearted during their first confrontation. “You don’t care about anyone at all, huh?”

Senri has his fair share of family problems too, seeing as he doesn’t even remember his father and his mother vanished a few years ago without a trace. As a result, he gets lonely very easily and likes to stick to Shinya a lot, which is part of the reason why he accompanies you quite often. He is basically your sidekick for some sections of the game – but he’s not just there for the purpose of having a cute companion, he’s also pretty smart and can actually help you figure things out and stay on the right track. Contrary to Shinya, he seems quite cheerful most of the time and is more patient, but he certainly won’t let anyone pick on him or will go along with everything people say. As evidenced by a certain optional dialogue: “If you don’t want an honest answer, don’t ask.”

And a few random notes for Senri as well:
– Sometimes talks about the aunt he lives with, which seems to be a very weird person
– Opinions on Senri’s hair vary a lot. Some like Shinya say that he’s fluffy, some like Misha say that he’s got 24/7 bedhair ;;
– Has zero problems with any animal/insect ever and will even make friends with the biggest spider (which makes him automatically braver than his own creator… *cough*)

Alright then, that’s it for now. Since we’ve had four boys in a row now, we’ll have two girls next! Shinya’s mischievous little sister Misha and tsundere flower shop girl Aimi!
…maybe I should prepare the posting in advance though (・・。)ゞ
Thanks for reading and take care, everyone! <3