Jun 16

June Update #3

Hiiiii, everyone…!!

I’m a bit earlier than last time, wow! But not as early as I could have been, because I took a nap after playing Mario Kart. (・・。)ゞ

Well, anyway! Today, I can report that planning for the Complicated Project‘s true end route is… still only 98% done. Oops. The last stretch is a bit difficult to handle since there’s a ton of stuff to explain and I don’t want it to end up like a walking simulator with copious amounts of exposition thrown in. So I was mainly thinking about how I could switch things up and if there are more places I could add in a little gameplay to make the whole thing flow better. As the grand finale of the show, I definitely don’t want anyone to get bored! (And if anyone should make an LP, I wouldn’t want them to ruin their throat from reading textboxes for hours :’D)

Other than thinking about that, I sketched A LOT of maps this last week. Right now, we have about 50 maps and I really like how most of them came out too! …but unfortunately, I probably won’t be able to use them in the Complicated Project, since they’re all of the western side of the area and meant for different things. The horror game action happens on the eastern side and I’m almost at the point to switch over there and start on maps we actually need soon-ish as well! I just went a little in the wrong order, that’s all… ;;;

I’m also seriously thinking about getting RPG Maker MV soon, because it would be really nice to have a bigger tile grid to work with. 32×32 is okay and all, but one of the locations I mapped is seriously cramped (and should also evoke that feeling of a tiny little place), so the maps are not really big and barely have space to move around. While a bigger tile grid wouldn’t give more movement space, the rooms at least wouldn’t seem so lost in the surrounding sea of black and I could put more detail into everything. I hope to be able to try out the MV trial soon and test some stuff!

Also! I wasn’t even dying from the heat this week, but here’s the next Summer Special Artwork:

On the left, we have Misha, the little sister of the Complicated Project’s main character Shinya and on the right, we have Aimi, the tsundere flower shop girl, who’s actually not very fond of Misha (and vice versa), so they probably really got on each others nerves while this artwork was made… ;;; Have some little character descriptions again!

Misha is the Hizume family’s – and most of all, her father’s – precious princess. As the family heir, she is held in high esteem and people expect great things from her, which is why she frequently “switches masks”, so to speak. Student council member and top student of her grade at school, and commendable daughter at home… but the moment only her brother or her friends are with her, she drops this exhausting act. The Misha we get to know is a much more easygoing girl primarily out for fun and to make up for all the lost time when she has to play the responsible young lady. Despite being the smallest of the thirteen people, she is definitely one of the loudest and most energetic people around… and will cause her fair share of trouble for both her brother and the player.

– Not related to Shinya by blood, but doesn’t care about that in the least. She’d be just as bossy and demanding towards a blood-related brother. Seems like he just can’t win in that regard, huh…
– Loves snacks and if you find her sneaking around at night, there’s a good chance she might be about to raid the kitchen ;;;
– Quite prideful and totally the kind of person who’d answer “Who doesn’t?” for that “Alternative responses to I Love You” meme.

Aimi is a younger sibling as well (we somehow have a lot of those around…) and her elder sister Inori is the main character of the prequel story to the Complicated Project. Their parents run a flower shop and their designs reflect this too, but other than that, these sisters don’t have much in common. While Inori is a friendly dreamer and romantic, Aimi often wears a displeased scowl and is much more down-to-earth. Kind of a loner even in her own club, she isn’t really close to any of the others and often doesn’t care to participate in activities either. You might ask “What is she even doing here then?”, but Aimi had her own reasons for coming along and would also shoot you an annoyed glare for prying into her personal matters.

– Very tsun and very little dere, so she doesn’t mince her words a whole lot. Expect her to start arguments from time to time.
– Gets along with club president Kiyoshi surprisingly well, despite getting teased by him quite frequently. Sometimes you’d think these two have a comedy routine going on… ;;;
– Kind of a fashion girl who doesn’t like being away from civilization and will complain about having no reception and internet. A lot.

Aaaaaand that’s it for today! Next week’s artwork will feature the friendly and dependable sibling duo Souta and Rena! <3
…I’m not going to say anything about preparing the posting in advance though. As if that would ever work out. Sigh.
Bye-onara everyone! Take care~! <3

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