June Update #4

Hiiiiii, everyone!!

Aaaaah, I’m a day late! Sorry about that!! ;; The last week was super busy and I didn’t get to work on my own stuff all that much, and this morning, my PC almost didn’t manage to boot up, so I got worried and made a ton of back-ups just to be safe. I’ve had booting problems for almost three years now, but it’s never been quite that bad before – which is also the reason why I’m updating at a really weird time once again. I don’t want to postpone this until later in case my PC dies completely… “orz

So if I didn’t work on my own stuff, what else did I work on? This movie poster, for example! I colored all four characters this week, one each day. Especially the guy with the breastplate and the ominous fluffy birb took forever to color…
And then there’s also this neat Summer Sale Taiko here! Speaking of Summer Sale, if you like murder mysteries and don’t want to wait a decade until I’m finished with the Complicated Project, you should totally check out SHINRAI because it’s currently 40% off~!

Okay, now that I’m done with advertising, let’s take a look at the new Summer Special Artwork!

On the left, we have Souta, another member of the student council, and on the right, we have Rena, his cute and reliable little sister. Contrary to the other sibling pair of our cast, these two actually get along very well. Also, an important part of the Complicated Project’s setting is a rather luxurious cottage deep in the forest, which belongs to Souta and Rena’s family!

Souta is one of Shinya’s closer friends and, as the older one of the siblings, also our host for the duration of the game. He doesn’t really “belong” to the others in a sense, since he doesn’t attend the same club as everyone else and primarily tagged along for Rena’s sake. Souta is a member of the photography club instead and is frequently seen with his camera or smartphone, taking snapshots of everyone to record memories of what was supposed to be a peaceful excursion among friends. In general, he’s a kind and dependable guy who watches out for everyone, but also a bit too trusting, since he tends to leave the all-important key ring just lying around in the open… (・・。)ゞ

– Is quite creative in general and also draws manga! When you catch him taking photos of the scenery, there’s a good chance that they’ll become references for backgrounds.
– Might phrase some things a bit differently when nothing serious is going on – like saying that someone is “out of character” instead of “acting weird”, for example. (Don’t judge him too hard, I do this as well from time to time :’D)
– Doesn’t actually wield a katana, but carries a folding knife with him for practical reasons.

Rena is also a good friend and seemingly gets along well with pretty much everyone – even the prickly Aimi can’t be too harsh on her. Only Misha, who frequently gets to hear “Can’t you be more like Rena?” comments from her annoyed brother, isn’t all too happy with her and can be a bit mean sometimes, but she doesn’t seem to mind much. Contrary to Souta, Rena isn’t all that creative, but she is quite adept with machines and possesses some medical knowledge to boot, making her a valuable asset in this kind of situation.

– Looks a bit fragile and her energy levels tend to be rather low, but is surprisingly sporty and could outpace most of the guys.
– Due to said energy levels, she gets tired pretty early and also starts talking nonsense the drowsier she gets. Depending on who you ask, it’s either irritating or endearing ;;
– Can give Shinya a friendly hug without him getting super blushy about it, since he just views her as a kinder second little sister.

Alright, that’s all for today! I better stop here before I start talking nonsense too, because I’m getting pretty tired as well ;; Next week’s artwork (which will hopefully be more or less on time again) will feature our happy couple Himari and Toshiki!
Thank you for reading and take care, everyone~!