July Update #1

Hiiiii, everyone!

Sorry for being late again, but unfortunately, the worries I mentioned last week came true and my PC really is dying. If I switch it off, there’s a good chance I’ll either never be able to boot it up again, or it’ll take me like 100 tries until the signal gets through and it starts up. I lost three whole days to this problem since the last update so it’s no wonder that I’m unable to properly keep up right now. A new (or rather, refurbished) PC has been ordered already and should arrive tomorrow or the day after, so I’ll be able to resume work soon enough, but it’ll still take a while to set it up and get everything running properly.

For that reason, the next Summer Special Artwork will be posted on July 13! (I might be able to draw a little something for Tanabata on the 7th though, so maybe there’ll still be a weekend update… we’ll see if I can manage.)

As you probably can imagine, there’s nothing much to report this week, because I was mainly concerned with my PC dilemma and catching up with last week’s Summer Special Artwork. There’s still quite a bit to back up and I’ll use this opportunity to make RL spring cleaning too, so I still can’t try out RPG Maker MV or make charsets in the next few days. Sigh. (・・。)ゞ
But I drew a little Chibi Senri to unwind! This is not his Complicated Project design though, just the one I came up with for testing purposes, etc. Shinya has one of those as well and they’ll look like that on my experimental charsets too.

Alright then, so let’s take a look at the fifth Summer Special Artwork, which was (supposed to be) the last for June!

On the left, we have Toshiki, a very quiet and seemingly apathetic young man, and on the right, we have Himari, who’s basically the opposite and a very sociable and plucky girl. Like I mentioned last time, these two are our cast’s “happy couple”, and I wasn’t lying when I said that – Toshiki just always looks a bit… dead inside. But rest assured that he really does cherish Himari!

Toshiki is the most reserved member of the cast, and the person with the least amount of dialogue and the highest amount of “…………” textboxes. If he is talking with someone else than Himari, he will take a while to respond, seemingly pondering his answers a little longer than most people. Despite being a bit socially awkward and not smiling much, Toshiki is generally polite and will help out whenever the need arises – but Himari takes priority over everyone and everything else for him. They have been together for quite a long time and if one is nearby, the other is never too far away.

– Gets accused of being “Himari’s dumb bodyguard” from time to time, but has actually better grades than her and is more perceptive than most people give him credit for – he just can’t express himself very well.
– Likes slice-of-lifey shows/books and family movies, and often seems a bit happier when watching or reading those.
– Studied up on all things gaming just for Himari. Maybe don’t play Old Maid with him if you don’t want to despair trying to see through his unshakeable poker face ;;;

Himari is the second-oldest of the girls, but certainly the most childish. She likes making friends and will be the first to approach a new club member or student in her class, trying to make sure that no one feels left out. She also has a passion for fun activities, especially games, and will frequently suggest playing something to lighten the mood or just kill some time. One might wonder why someone extroverted like Himari is together with a guy like Toshiki, but she doesn’t seem to mind his quiet nature at all and happily sticks to him at all times.

– Primarily wears white, to the point of bleaching her hair and painting her nails white as well.
– Has a not-so-secret love for the kind of games where you can order people around, such as the King’s Game and Truth or Dare, but will play just about anything that seems fun.
– Is a lot stronger than she looks and could carry Toshiki just like he carries her on the Summer Special Artwork. Maybe don’t play arm wrestling with her if you still need your hand on that day :’D

And that’s all for today! Like previously mentioned, there won’t be a new Summer Special Artwork this Friday, but we’ll hopefully resume on the 13th. It’ll be the club president edition, featuring occult club prez Youko and mythology/folklore club prez Kiyoshi! (Still haven’t really decided on the second club’s name and exact specifics yet… oops.)

This was actually posting Nr. 50 on this blog, ever since starting updates in November of 2015… (Wow, I can’t believe I’ve been at this for so long and still haven’t managed to release a single game. Argh xD) …oh, and before I forget – Steam’s Summer Sale is still ongoing, so if you haven’t checked out SHINRAI, you might want to do so~!
But anyway! Thanks for reading and have a great week, everyone! <3