Summery Surprise

Hiiii, everyone~!

I hope you’re all doing well! I’ve spent the last week working on the next four HT pages and preparing stuff in advance for December, as well as finishing up more things for GENBA. As you can see above, I’ve also brought you a little surprise that should’ve been ready several months ago… but let’s take a look at the other things first. (Aside from the December stuff, which is still secret.)

Hyoukyo Traitor…
…has been updated with four new pages! Yay! We’re really close to the end now, with only five pages remaining! I’d like to post the last batch sometime next week, preferably before December starts. Let’s hope it’ll work out~! And let’s hope that stuff stops breaking on the archive pages because I had to spend an hour making repairs last night… (・・。)ゞ

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the murder mystery VN project Gospel and I have been working on for quite some time, will very soon have the first part of its extended demo available for patrons! In fact, I just finished the last corrections to the code and uploaded the whole thing before I started writing this posting! It’s shaping up to look really neat! …and I can’t get a certain eccentric doc’s theme out of my head ;;;

Surprise, surprise…
…a wild Summer Special Artwork has appeared! According to my last posting about these, it should have been posted on July 13th, but the summer heat – which brought along some very annoying health issues for me – in combination with my dying PC prevented me from following through. To be honest, it’s been 98% done for a while now, but I never got around to do the final corrections. But now that I’ve been in “catching up on all the neglected things” mode for the last three weeks, I’ve finally finished it! Let’s take a look~!

On the left, we have Kiyoshi, the respected and knowledgeable president of the folklore club, and on the right, we have Youko, the dedicated and adventurous president of the occult club. For some reason, the clubs don’t really get along… but I guess you’ll have to wait for the game to find out why.

Kiyoshi seems like your typical well-mannered no-nonsense club prez at a first glance, but that’s not quite true. He’s mostly easy-going and enjoys teasing his fellow club members a lot – or obliterating them in any kind of tactical game. Despite that, they know that Kiyoshi can always be depended on and will do his best to keep everyone out of trouble, even if it means switching on “serious mode” and making uncomfortable decisions. Due to the authority he wields and the faith his club members put in him, he can either be a valuable ally or a pretty big obstacle to overcome when it gets to solving the upcoming mysteries.

– Doesn’t like to talk about himself, skillfully dodging the question or changing the topic whenever someone tries to ask. No one knows much about his past or even his hobbies, other than the very obvious things.
– Observant and good at figuring out plans, but slow reaction speed and Natsu-levels of stamina (aka “basically none”).
– With 185cm the tallest member of the cast, a total of 27cm taller than Misha, the smallest one.

Youko is the polar opposite to Kiyoshi in many ways and a lot more impulsive and reckless. It’s mostly thanks to her that the occult club gets into trouble frequently, but she never pressures anyone to go along with her ideas – after all, it wouldn’t be fun if they just followed her out of obligation. Youko doesn’t possess a lot of authority and is simply viewed as a good friend by her fellow club members, but she still tries her best to protect them in her own way. In general, the occult club is the more “family-like” place, with people being closer and hanging out just for fun quite often, while the folklore club members are a bit distant and most of them don’t meet up outside of club activities.

– Very passionate about the occult and would love to welcome more members into her club, but its bad reputation prevents most people from seriously considering to join.
– Always up for a challenge, but while she’s really good at sports, she tends to lose terribly when playing any kind of game. Please never start gambling, Youko.
– People sometimes assume she’s a delinquent because she usually dresses like one, but she just likes the style. (She probably doesn’t like her Summer Special Artwork attire at all, haha.)

Aaaaaand that’s it! The next artwork will feature three people because I don’t have enough non-spoilery main characters left to split it up into two artworks. Look forward to meeting Iori, Kotone and Masato~! …sometime in the future. Might take a while. ;;;

Alright then, thank you for reading! Please have an awesome week, everyone! ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ