Plans for 2019

Hiiiii, everyone!

I hope the first two weeks of the year have treated you well~! The basket of mushrooms you see up there symbolizes all the delicious plans I have for 2019–… well, no. But we’re still going to talk a bit about what’ll happen in 2019! Probably. If the stars align well. I’ll need to do something about my confidence one of these days.

So… it was late December when I tried to figure out which would be the best course of action and put together a little spreadsheet. For the first half of 2019, two projects have made it onto that spreadsheet and you’re probably going “can’t you just focus on a single project, you moron?” already, but there’s a little twist here. You’ll see in a minute. Also, since announcing things long before they’ve taken shape always contributed to my downfall, I don’t want to make any proper announcements yet… which means that you’ll have to deal with me being all mysterious once again (for now). But I’m still going to give you a little rundown of the plans!

Project #1…
…is the one I’m currently focusing on and I’ve been working on it every single day of the year. I have a very clear outline for this project and can already say with 95% certainty which assets I’ll need and how I’ll get/make them. The entirety of January is dedicated to producing as many assets as possible and then throwing everything into RPG Maker between the beginning of February and Valentine’s Day. That’s right, I’d like to try and make the game completely playable from start to finish rather early, even if I’ll have to use a lot of placeholder assets. I’ve never tried to make a game this way and always focused on the art way too much, putting the coding process off forever or not even getting to it at all. So by having a playable prototype that only needs the crappy assets replaced with the nice ones, I’d already be a huge step further than I’d usually be.

If things go well, I’d like to announce this game as soon as the prototype is done. If things don’t go well for whatever reason, I’ll probably just extend the initial deadline another month. Sounds pretty easygoing and it probably is, but well. Beating myself up for not meeting a self-imposed deadline only ever harmed my motivation. On the flipside, not having a deadline at all is bad too, since I tend to get distracted and focus on the wrong stuff then. So I gotta trick myself somehow, I guess (・・。)ゞ

Project #2…
…is a NaNoRenO project. The rules from last year state this:

  • You can only begin actual production of your game in March.
  • Brainstorming, plot outlining, character sketches, and anything that does not lead to the direct production of assets is okay.

All I’ve done so far is brainstorming and plot outlining. I haven’t produced a single actual asset yet, so it should be fine. But the idea for this project came to me in early December and ever since, I couldn’t help but think “This would be a really cool thing for NaNo!!” Thus, Project #1 will be completely on hold until NaNo is over and I’ll completely focus on this VN instead. (Unless I get terribly sick again right at the start – then I’ll probably just cry in a corner and go back to Project #1 immediately…) My brainstorming brought me to the conclusion that I’ll only need a very tiny amount of assets, so if I don’t go overboard with the CGs, I should be able to finish a full game that just needs to be prettified with an update or two. But I can always compromise and make it a demo instead.

Obviously this project can only be properly announced in March, so I won’t talk about it anymore until then. But see, here’s the twist – I’ve already accounted for NaNo, so I know that Project #1 will be on break for a while and I’m not actually going to work on both at once. Maybe from April onward depending on what needs to get finished, but not for the first three months of the year. (I mean… there’s no telling what I secretly might do behind the scenes when no one’s there to judge me, but you only have to know about the official plans anyway ww)

So yeah, there you have it. Of course I’m going to prepare something for Valentine’s Day and White Day, and I might have something planned for April Fools’ too, buuuut one thing after the other.

Other points of interest:
– GENBA development is still going steady and we’d like to release the last part of the extended demo around March or something, depending on how quickly the remaining assets are finished. For a much more detailed rundown of what still needs to happen and what kind of stuff is planned, just take a look at this Gosatsu update~!
– I’ve updated social media and we have an Instagram account now! (Why isn’t it called “Prismanga”? Well, that name was taken already by someone who’s not me… and then I messed up and got “PrismangaHQ” banned on accident a few months back. I totally overlooked the stupid mail asking me to confirm my mail address because it ended up in the spam folder, and apparently that was enough for a complete ban. Sigh.) I’m going to slooooowly upload the latest artworks there and all new ones too, of course. But it’ll take a while because I don’t want to overdo it and get banned again for some dumb reason… ;;;
– I’m going to open up a Ko-Fi account soon. I still need to finish the “Thank you” artwork which supporters will automatically receive (and which will get changed from time to time) so I don’t want to do it just now. But yeah. Soon!

As you can see, there’s a lot to do and I hope it’ll work out and I won’t run out of steam somewhere along the line ;;; But my trusty spreadsheets and my cute OC kids will help me keep morale up (ง •̀_•́)ง
Which brings me to our last topic for today! Artworks~!

Here we have Sai and Zen from Matsuri Magic, which I still want to draw someday. I was very much in the mood for autumn-inspired artworks last year and got this finished at the end of November, but then the advent calendar started. I didn’t want to throw it into the flood of artwork as well, so I just kept it for 2019 to show off. Sai is highly in doubt that the weird mushroom Zen found is actually edible… for good reason. (In case you don’t know your Mario lore, its colors are a reference to the poison mushrooms that will weaken or outright kill you ww)

But that’s not all! I have some more fanart to show off as well~!!

Here we have occult club prez Youko and former delinquent Tatsuo, both drawn by my awesome partner in crime Gospel! I love how their hair turned out, they both look really cool~! (♡´艸`) Tatsuo is so cute… and so blurry, because my phone camera is crap. ;;;

Alright then, everyone! That’s it for today! I’m not sure if the next posting will already be the first announcement or something else, but I guess we’ll see. Thank you for reading and please take care~!