March 2023 archive

Spring Cleaning, Part 2

I didn’t get too far last night, so as I continue spring cleaning, let’s talk about a new topic. One of the issues I’ve always had with my projects is the fact that, while I primarily focused on gamedev, there are tons of other things I’m also interested in. The advent calendar and the mini …

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Spring Cleaning, Part 1

Ever since I decided to call it quits with game development, I was thinking about looking through my old files and doing some spring cleaning. 18 GB of sprites, CGs, planning and script documents, GUI and logo attempts, special artwork (like the advent calendar I did for two years) and loads of WIPs that mostly …

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“Greetings, dear strangers-“… wait, wrong kind of announcement. Ahem. Hey everyone, long time no see! It’s been 4 years, and last week, while pondering what to do with my general existence on the world wide web, I decided to resurrect Prismanga. For nostalgia’s sake, I decided to keep the old blog postings available, but I …

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