Spring Cleaning, Part 3

The number of folders I need to go through still hasn’t decreased much, so this time, I sorted them from oldest to newest. Looking through some documents, I realized a few things:

  • While it absolutely feels like a decade since I started with gamedev, it’s only been less than 8 years. If you consider the time of Prismanga’s closure and the fact that I got very preoccupied with server games in 2021, one could argue that I’ve only been trying seriously for 5-6 years. And even during that time I got distracted by things like webcomics, so I’m wondering how much time I actually spent fully focusing on gamedev.
  • The (probably) first time I mentioned otokonoko and crossdressing in my planning documents… was in 2017, several years before I seriously got into this stuff. Now I really want to draw my first real otokonoko, Mairi. Poor guy never got a proper design, but I sort of remember how I wanted him to look.
  • I thought my first attempt at NaNoRenO happened in 2016, but I actually tried in 2015 as well. Unfortunately, I have no recollection if I ever said anything about that project. Part of me is half-remembering that I went “I’m not confident in announcing a VN yet, so I’ll try in secret”… but I’m not sure.

This is the one and only background I managed to finish. I had sketched a few others, but now that I look at it, I remember that I got completely burned out with… this one.

With my meager skills back then, it took a billion years to make things look somewhat presentable. Of course I also insisted on making everything way too detailed, no matter if it made sense or not. Back then, a resolution of 800 x 600 was still relatively common, so of course it was useless to fully render all those little details in the background. You can’t even read the 蜂蜜 (hachimitsu, honey) on that sign over there…

The best part is that, after missing the NaNoRenO deadline by a looooong shot, I refused to give up and instead made a 60-week schedule that was supposed to guide me towards completion. Of course that didn’t work out at all…

Speaking of weeks, I feel like I will be stuck looking through my files for several weeks at this rate :’D