Spring Cleaning, Part 4

Tonight, I was looking at another super old RPG Maker game I was tinkering with in 2015. The planning document had 9 endings listed and detailed the plot and puzzles until the third chapter, but everything from that point onward – half the game, basically – wasn’t noted down properly. Still, I remember a bunch of things I was meaning to implement, none of which I had the knowledge to code at the time. I also remember never getting a pretty simple animation to work, which frustrated me a lot. Kinda makes me wonder if these technical difficulties were the reason why I gave up…

This is one of the basement maps. They were mostly done, but I have no idea if I ever made them playable. Maybe there’s some data on my old PC, but I have no way to check right now since it doesn’t boot up anymore. Yep, that’s a beckoning cat up there on the shelf. And the purple thing on the lower shelf is a chainsaw, but it was just decoration and not used for anything.

That’s on the first floor, I think? A waiting room, but man… considering the height of those walls and windows in comparison to the character sprite, everyone would’ve looked pretty short. Same for the furniture, even though it’s only sketched. There are laser bars in front of the windows to make escape impossible, which is the main reason why I chose to show this room.

Also, this is the only usable character sprite – yep, he can walk in all four directions. That’s Hiyoru, a young man tasked with keeping the peace in Port Astraea. You weren’t even supposed to meet him until later in the game, but I still finished his sprites first because I liked him most out of everyone. Although he is the soft-spoken and polite type, he fights with a big axe ww

That machine in the laboratory could open portals to different places. Messing up the coordinates is not advised, though, since you might end up in dangerous situations. That’s what caused half the bad ends :’D

If you ever wanted to know what my desk looks like, here you go? I actually had some fun making a secret developer room which only could be accessed after getting the true ending. I haven’t played RPG Maker games in a long time and have no idea how common this is nowadays, but I remember many older games with dev rooms. The desk itself, the monitor, the drawing tablet, the lamp and the boxes below the red PSP are still exactly like this. Unfortunately, I don’t actually have a fridge in my room…

On one hand, this is kind of funny. On the other, it reminds me that I’m still stuck here. Haha… “orz